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How Long Weed Stays in Your System

Many people are frequently asking for the detection period of marijuana. Unluckily, the response to this question varies. This is as a result of the detection period being determinant to some elements like frequency of consumption, dosage, mass, exercise along metabolic rate and the kind of drug test carried out on the user.

However, it is good to know that weed can stay for a long time in a consumer’s body. For example, a one-off user can test positive after consuming weed after ten days. But for chronic users, weed may test positive in blood after five weeks following consumption.

For every drug test used to check the presence of marijuana in a user’s body, the results will be different. This difference is as a result of various drug tests testing for the presence of THC or its compounds. Since there are many metabolites of THC; most drug tests look for a THC metabolite called THC-COOH. This is as a result of it being the only compound that resides in the body tissues for some time.

Fortunately, researchers have given some educated guesses as to how long marijuana can be detected in a user’s body. As such, this editorial will highlight some of the drug tests carried out to test the presence of weed in a user’s body as well as the detection period.

The saliva analysis is among the drug tests that doctors rely on to test the presence of cannabis in a consumer’s system. Even if an individual smokes, vapes or eats cannabis, the detection period in saliva may take long to test positive for THC and its compounds. If a person consumes weeds; THC compounds can be detectable in four hours’ time.But the compounds of THC cannot be detected after 24 hours. For chronic users, the outcome will be positive even after three days.

The other type of drug test used to show the presence of weed in a person’s body is the blood test. Following consumption, weed enters the bloodstream almost immediately. As such, blood test check the availability of THC and its compound. For a one-off user, marijuana will test positive after 12 or 24 hours following intake, but for heavy weed consumers, THC metabolites will reside in the bloodstream for seven days.

A urine test is the third drug test commonly used by doctors to test the presence of weed since it checks for the presence of THC-COOH, a hydrophobic compound that stays in the body for long thus its extended detection period. A person who does not consume weed regularly may show signs of weed in their system after two days of taking weed. However, the detection period for chronic users may be up to ninety days.

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